Britney Spears hitches a ride for Corden's Carpool Karaoke

Corden and Spears belted out "Womanizer" before working out her new song, "Make Me..." from Glory. While we're not sure why she doesn't sing live in concert, she sounded pretty good here!

"Because every time I order at Domino's", said Corden, "I think, 'Oops!"

Spears and Corden completed their Carpool Karaoke session with "Baby One More Time" - and Corden in pigtails. "For the final track, she and Corden hopped in the wayback machine to 1998 and reenacted the video for "...

"So when you say you need to find the right man to do that with, who would that be?" This rumor emerged after The Britney Army AUS tweeted that Spears' single "Just Luv Me" from Glory features the "Love Yourself" singer. The film will reportedly document her relationship and break-up with JT, as well as her marriages to Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline.

Check out the full segment above!

Watch how James Corden became late-night TV's king of celebrity sing-alongs, one "Carpool Karaoke" at a time.

Spears was talking about her two children, who are nine and 10, and said she wanted to have three more children.

Plus, we know Brit is trying to focus on her new music.

Sorry, fellas: Britney Spears just isn't interested these days.

The shocked host asked her if she wants to be alone for the rest of her life and Britney Spears said that she might kiss someone once in a while but she isn't getting married again.

After the "Hello" singer backed out of the event, rumors about Spears doing the show started to emerge.

After such a rough stage in her life and career, Spears has made an fantastic comeback over the past few years. She's also set to perform at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

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