Christopher Biggins removed from Celebrity Big Brother

Stephen Bear and Aubrey O'Day- Will their time in the house be short

Stephen Bear and Aubrey O'Day- Will their time in the house be short

After some time out in a separate room, Bear returned to the house, with his comeback shown on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side on Thursday night (04Aug16).

A Channel 5 spokesperson said: "We can confirm that a transcript claiming to relate to Christopher Biggins' removal from the CBB house is 100% fake".

The 67-year-old had been the bookmakers' favourite to win, despite earlier controversy this week when he said bisexual people were "the worst type", suggesting that they just don't want "to admit they are gay." Big Brother told Aubrey her behaviour was totally unacceptable and it would not be tolerated in the house.

Christopher Biggins' will pocket "most" of his £150,000 Celebrity Big Brother fee - despite being booted out of the house for "making anti-semitic remarks".

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

DJ James Whale and Anthea Turner's ex-husband Grant Bovey will face the first public vote.

A row with fellow Heavy D prompted him to throw a mug against the wall, damaging a mirror.

United States pop star Aubrey O'Day was issued a warning for spitting in Stephen Bear's sandwich on Wednesday. Big Brother then told her due to the incident, she was being given a formal and "final warning", noting that if she behaved in a similar manner again, she would be yanked from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The two had clashed after Bear, who shares a bed with Storage Hunter's Heavy D, brought Chloe Khan into the bedroom.

As yet Channel 5 haven't released details of what Christopher said to cause him to be kicked off the show.

He left the house to a chorus of both cheers and boos before being greeted by Willis.

Maybe that's really him, but either way he needs to change the way he is in the house as it's getting to the point where his housemates don't even like him.

The message said: "Hi Chloe, I'm the Casting Producer for Big Brother 2015 and would love a chat".

"Of course the thing is as you relax it gets worse cause you think you're at home".

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