Could Prescott-Romo for Cowboys be like Brady-Bledsoe was for Patriots?

So far, Dallas has said all the right things.

Garrett said Romo's rehab will consist of rest and immobility but the coach refused to rule him out for the September 11 season opener against the New York Giants.

He then said he didn't even know initially Romo had been hurt.

The third week of the National Football League preseason gave fans some real insight into the games ahead.

The more likely scenario?

Because Romo might spend a little more time on the sidelines, Prescott could be the starting quarterback for the Cowboys in the first few games of their new campaign, especially with the team's head coach Jason Garrett unable to give a date of when their main passer can come back.

Romo likes to tell the media that he is getting better with age, and I would rather not dispute that. However, if a strong free-agent RB (for example) surfaces early in the season, don't sacrifice that player for the sake of holding an uncertain Romo.

Its approach seemed tailor-made to maximize the impact of a QB who was about to hit his mid-30s.

This was the worst news the Cowboys could have received given the fact they were without Romo for 12 games last season.

At receiver, former Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller may have a spot locked down after leading Houston with 10 catches for 97 yards, and first-round pick Will Fuller has netted 144 yards and two scores off eight receptions.

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I'm here to say that Romo still has those wins in him, at least through the end of this season.

At this point, though, it appears that the Dallas Cowboys are still hoping for a Tony Romo injury miracle. It is wide open for a Tony Romo amount of wins to bring a team to the playoffs in 2016, where anything is possible. You know what happened to Bledsoe and Brady.

When Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott takes the field September 11, the "Dakburger" will also make its debut.

What we do know is that Romo's return will indeed happen. He took the Cowboys to a field goal in the final two minutes of the first half. Sanchez is certainly no Romo, but he would be adequate as a backup behind Prescott. He was 22nd among them in Passing NEP per drop back, ranking ahead of guys like Alex Smith, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr, and - although this was largely aided by injuries - Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers.

The Cowboys prioritized drafting a quarterback after last season unraveled when Romo twice broke his collarbone, but attempts to trade up and draft Memphis star Paxton Lynch failed. That's not exactly encouraging for a Cowboys fan base that fully expected their team to contend for a championship this season. After Dallas went 13-3 and he threw 36 touchdown passes in 2007, it was about his fling with Jessica Simpson and the couple's jaunts to Mexico. A lot of these rookies did not have Ezekiel Elliott at running back, with Dez Bryant and Jason Witten to catch the ball. Now, it feels like that chance might already be gone. With the older quarterback in danger of not returning to the gridiron in time for the regular season, it looks like the Dallas Cowboys are pushed to splurge on a lucrative Michael Vick contract.

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