MacBook Air Is As Useful As A Hat For Your Cat

The Surface Book to MacBook Pro comparison nearly made sense, even though their new hybrid was riddled with first edition problems. Although these rumors come from different sources, there are some important details that can help everyone figure out which rumors are more likely true or not. This would allow the screen to align more seamlessly with the keyboard as compared to the previous Surface Book.

Apple may have started this battle by trying to pitch the iPad Pro as a computer, but Microsoft is raising the bar.

Microsoft did not reveal any other details about the picture, but it's definitely a real photo given that it made it to the company's Surface Instagram account.

There are speculations about a 2016 release. The online publication also stated that with the latest developments with the Intel Kaby Lake, the Surface Book 2 will be ready during this year's last quarter, or possibly in October.

There are unconfirmed reports that Microsoft could delay the launch of the Surface Pro 5 to wait for the upcoming next-generation AMD graphics processor codenamed Polaris, or NVIDIA's Pascal. However, it's more possible that in order to create a more powerful device, the company has to push the release date to next year.

Tech sites are also teeming with rumors that the flagship variant of the new Surface Pro 5 will sport a whopping 16 GB of RAM natively.

The Surface Book itself was remarkable for its design and features, some going so far as to call it a hybrid that actually replaces your laptop.

Like the Pro, the MacBook Air is said to get USB-C. It's unclear if the Instagram post was shared on objective to tease the new laptop or as a mistake.

Over the past couple of weeks, several Surface Pro 3 users have noticed a massive decrease in battery life.

It's August and Surface Pro 4 anniversary is approaching, raising questions of an impending upgrade. Since most users have set their eyes on the Surface Pro 5, this seems a flawless time for Microsoft to launch its Surface as a Service Program.

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