Sylville Smith shooting: Milwaukee imposes curfew to quell rioting

Police chief was surprised by violence after fatal shooting

Sylville Smith shooting: Milwaukee imposes curfew to quell rioting

He and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said they are hopeful the city will have a peaceful night after a weekend of unrest following the police shooting of a black man. A 10 p.m. curfew was instituted for people under 18.

After a tumultuous weekend mired in protests and violence, many Milwaukee residents hoped for calm.

"There is a curfew that will be more strictly enforced tonight for teenagers", Barrett told a news conference.

"Those people, in my mind, were deliberately trying to damage a great neighborhood, in a great city".

Cecil Brewer, 67, who owns an apartment house directly across from the intersection where protesters burned a gas station on Saturday night and hurled rocks at police on Sunday night, said the rioting was all but inevitable.

Eleven men and three women were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, Flynn said.

A auto was set on fire, along with numerous dumpster fires and a couch fire, Flynn said. An 18-year-old was shot near the intersection.

A police officer was taken to hospital to be treated for an injury after protesters threw a rock that broke the windshield of a squad auto.

Smith died at the scene, and the African-American officer who fired the fatal shots was not injured.

The protests Sunday were tame compared to the events of Saturday night, which followed the death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith.

The officer who fired the deadly shot was also black.

Aiming to reassure the community that the police acted properly, Chief Edward Flynn said on Sunday that video from the officer's body camera showed Smith had turned toward him with a gun in his hand. Police said three people were arrested, and one officer was hurt by a brick thrown into a squad auto. The gun contained 23 bullets.

Police chief was surprised by violence after fatal shooting

Barrett said he saw a still image that demonstrated the individual was armed.

Now that's not to say police body cameras are a solution to the problems of urban crime. The unidentified officer is 24 years old and has six years of service with the Milwaukee Police Department - three as an officer.

One of the family members of Sylville K. Smith attends a candlelight vigil at a site where Smith was shot and killed Saturday by Milwaukee Police in Milwaukee, Sunday, Aug. 14,2016. Wisconsin also has the highest rate of black unemployment of any state, and it leads the country in the number of black men behind bars, with 1 out of 8 in prison or jail as of the 2010 census, another study found. The two young men (both aged 23) in the auto unexpectedly decided to make a run for it, and one of them, Sylville Smith, pulled a semi-automatic handgun as he fled. And police noted zero injured officers, no damaged vehicles and no damage to businesses or residences.

Police cited Smith's "lengthy criminal record" as they identified him.

Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker, a favorite of the reactionary Tea Party, called a state of emergency and activated the National Guard.

"We've always been known as a city with a small-town mentality", Taylor said.

At about 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, two police officers stopped a vehicle at 44 and Auer (one block north of Burleigh) for a routine traffic stop.

The shooting began when a auto carrying Smith and another individual was stopped by two police officers.

Flynn said that while police came under fire Sunday night, "none of our officers returned fire".

Presumably we'll see the entire video and know more soon enough, but it's not hard to believe Smith was capable of recklessly threatening the officer. He did not say what would happen to teens who are found outside in Milwaukee past the curfew deadline.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Smith had been "arrested or ticketed nine times" since 2011, including for a shooting, a robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, theft and possession of heroin and cocaine.

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