Carson on Zika funding, Trump minority outreach efforts

"The Republican Party has not made an extensive outreach to certain communities, including the African-American community because they've pretty much written that off as Democrat territory".

"What is going to be accomplished is something many in the Democratic Party fear, and that is an alternative", Carson, a former Republican presidential candidate, said. "What do you think he took away from today?"

The retired neurosurgeon and former US presidential candidate was speaking with CNN in front of his childhood home about Donald Trump's visit to the city when a look of shock blanketed his face.

Popular US surgeon and former presidential rival of Donald Trump in the Republican party Ben Carson was being interviewed in his neighbourhood in Detroit when he suddenly remembered something.

Carson on Sunday also defended criticism that Trump has called for "school choice" though he's presented no formal plan.

"He had an opportunity to speak with several people", Carson said. Carson specifically mentioned taking Trump to see places that "are not prospering".

In October 2015, Carson told CNN he believed that gun control helped cause the holocaust in Germany.

A block from the church where Mr. Trump planned to address the congregation and sit down for a taped interview with the pastor, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Rep. Brenda Lawrence, both Democrats, held a press conference touting the successes of the city, according to the Detroit News. "Social media provides a great platform for discourse, but we must be careful with the messages we send out", said Carson, a man who walked away from live television cameras without explanation.

He said he's had "many discussions" with Trump about the issue. "This was his first time visiting a black church".

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