French mayor: Australian burkini wearer was 'indecent'

French mayor: Australian burkini wearer was 'indecent'

French mayor: Australian burkini wearer was 'indecent'

It came in the wake of an uproar over photographs of a woman lying on a Nice beach, surrounded by four armed police officers and being urged to remove some of her clothing in order to comply with the burkini ban.

But, despite the fact the burkini ban has been overturned France's highest court, the family were met with abuse from locals, including hand gestures and comments.

Alshelh and her mother went to a Riviera beach wearing blue burkinis a few weeks ago but were told to leave minutes after they arrived, Australia's Channel Seven reported.

Alshelh said: "I just find it ridiculous".

"We were threatened by locals to leave the beach and if we didn't they were going to call the police", Alshelh told the channel.

"It just doesn't make sense to me, there's no connection at all between the burkini and these terrorist acts", the Australian woman said.

The survey showed that contrary to common stereotypes, French Muslim women are actually more conservative than men.

Xenophobia in France has taken a pretty freaky turn, focusing most of all on women who choose to wear burkinis to France's many beaches.

Ms Alshelh told Australian television the beachgoers threatened to call the police unless she left the beach at Villeneuve-Loubet, even though a ban on the controversial full-bodied swimsuit had recently been overturned. I wanted to speak to the girls that have gone through all this stuff. It was conducted over phone between April 13 and May 23 among 1,029 people ages 15 or older and of the Muslim faith or culture. It said 84 percent of France's Muslims were under 50.

Dressed in the garments, the women held signs with the questions "What do you think of my burkini?" and "Ask me about my burkini?" to encourage people to discuss the attire with them.

"It starts off at the beach and God knows where it ends", Zeynab added to Channel 7, saying that while there was racism in Australia there were no bans on clothing. 'It's hard to be proud of a country who rejects you and whose laws allow the general public to discriminate against you.

Burkini inventor Aheda Zanetti with her creations in western Sydney on August 19, 2016. "They weren't happy with us being there". For instance, 56 percent of women said they would agree to attend a mixed swimming pool, compared to 75 percent of men.

The Ifop survey carried out for a major study of French Muslims by Institut Montaigne, a liberal think-tank, showed that the vast majority of people who identify themselves as Muslims accept curbs on religion in public. "They are as bad as each other".

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