Intel announces their 7th-Gen series of Core processors: here's what's new

Intel's Kaby Lake Will Power the Thinner Faster and Higher Powered Devices of the Future

Intel announces their 7th-Gen series of Core processors: here's what's new

Navin Shenoy, the company's VP and GM for Client Computing Group explains, "Intel's engineering and manufacturing teams have drawn even more out of our 14nm process technology with what we call 14nm+".

According to tech experts, Intel's Kaby Lake 7th Core generation processor is a must-have for 4K video apps.

The Skylake processors of Intel are getting a refresh in the shape of the new Kaby Lake processors, as it launched under the branding of 7th generation Core. If you're running a laptop with a five year old processor and no dedicated GPU, jumping to Kaby Lake could see performance improvements by up to three times. This is just the beginning as the market see 4K UHD content go mainstream over time. Find us on Facebook too!

Intel has been emphasizing on the experience users will have if they use Kaby Lake PCs. It says Kaby Lake architecture provides 19 percent better performance for Web browsing compared to Skylake, and 12 percent gains overall.

Kaby Lake Design

Specifically, Intel added hardware encoding and decoding capabilities for both 10-bit HEVC 4K video and 8 to 10-bit VP9 video.

Israel has traditionally been an important development center for Intel, with local teams coming up with some of the company's most important products - among them the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors, and last year's Skylake, which are in numerous computers now in use. In the long run, there is absolutely no harm in buying a PC with the very latest processors, and the performance as well as battery improvements they bring. Though Razer is now one of the only companies offering this external GPU solution, the native support of Thunderbolt 3 in new Kaby Lake laptops provides a strong foundation for other companies to create their own external solutions, helping to bridge the performance gap between laptops and desktops. There is a combined total of six members in Kaby Lake-U and Kaby Lake-Y lineup. Previously, the company launched only two CPU lines per process: An initial processor line that moved an older architecture onto a new process, and a second line featuring a brand-new architecture optimized for the new process. Since 4K content is still sparse, the average user will probably not notice much of an improvement in performance, especially if they're on Broadwell or Skylake. Are any of you waiting on new CPUs from Intel? .

Intel's forthcoming 7th generation of its Intel Core processors, codenamed "Kaby Lake", will target 4K computers, the chipmaker has confirmed.

The 7th generation processors will also support Gen 3 PCIe usage, increasing data transfer rates.

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