IPad Pro 2 release announcement not expected next week

IPad Pro 2 release announcement not expected next week

IPad Pro 2 release announcement not expected next week

Previous report also states that the new iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 might be water proof. With the silence of Apple, it is not hard to believe that the tech company will launch the device this year. Reliable sources are expecting the Cupertino-based tech giant to bring significant changes to its next-generation iPad Mini by overhauling its design and also incorporating upgraded specs in the upcoming device.

Personally, we feel that Apple will wait until their March event and reveal a new iPad lineup, and this will consist of the second generation Pro model, which could include a 7.9-inch version.

The iOS 10 update that was first launched by the company in June will be promoted again at the event. Keep in mind that all these are speculations, as Apple has not confirmed anything yet, neither have we received any official leaks. While the iPad Air series is rumored to have already been ended, the iPad Mini, which will reportedly be renamed as the iPad Pro Mini, will take its place in the market. Some Apple enthusiasts are suggesting that the company may make the screen size smaller than the iPad Mini 4.

iPads are not great on the camera. The new iPad Mini 5 might also showcase a 3D touch feature that allows users to draw on the screen.

According to industry observers, the possible delay of Apple's new tablet might have been caused by iPad Pro 9.7-inch. All these are unconfirmed reports.

Finally, there is some sense in the idea that the device will be named the iPad Mini Pro considering that Apple is bent on marketing the iPad Pro lineup with some exclusivity.

The iPhone 7 is days away but most of the rumors right now seem to be on the other products that could debut alongside it or follow in the coming months. Unfortunately, there's a rumor circulating that the company may drop its premium model, the iPhone 7 Pro, at the launch.

A visitor tries her hand at the first-generation iPad Mini in an Apple Store in San Jose, California.

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