Joe Scarborough Makes Awesome and Bizarre #AmnestyDon Music Video

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John McAfee CNN

"He said he'd build a wall for us, but then he up and ran", Scarborough sings, alluding to Trump's muddled message about immigration policies: "When the cowboys smell the dirty con of Amnesty Don".

Joe Scarborough, one of the hosts of the show "Morning Joe" really hates Donald Trump.

The sarcastic nickname clearly struck a chord with anti-Trump viewers, who took to Twitter to tease the candidate using the hashtag #AmnestyDon, which quickly became wildly popular.

The release of the video comes nine days after Trump threatened to "tell the real story" behind Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski, alluding to past reports that the two are dating.

"For 14 months, Amnesty Don has been putting illegal immigration at the center of Amnesty Don's campaign,", repeatedly uttering the moniker. "I think i need to write a song called "Amnesty Don" and maybe circle it into, like, 'Trump the Musical'".

Scarborough shared the song and video on Facebook, joking that "Amnesty Don" was written and recorded in one day by a group of Dutch musicians that he discovered while in Amsterdam. Any thoughts that Scarborough was too friendly with the Republican nominee were dashed in early February, when Scarborough lambasted Trump for refusing to disavow comments made by former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke. While Scarborough posted "Amnesty Don" on his own social media outlet, it was nowhere to be seen on the network-sanctioned "Morning Joe" website or Facebook page. "Hashtag #AmnestyDon", he said during a rant arguing that Trump was flip-flopping on his position on immigration reform.

"Joe Scarborough initially endorsed Jeb Bush and Jeb crashed, then John Kasich and that didn't work", Trump said in a May tweet.

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