Rasmussen Poll Puts Trump Over Clinton Nationally

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Rasmussen Poll Puts Trump Over Clinton Nationally

American exceptionalism refers to the country's elevated standing and leadership in the world.

When asked about feelings towards the police, 86 percent said the police make them feel mostly safe, while 12 percent said they feel mostly anxious. "To the victor goes the spoils", he said. "She will argue for maintaining America's strong commitment to the alliances that keep us safe, the values that make us great, and the men and women in uniform who represent the best of our country", the aide added.

Clinton promised to invest in the military and support veterans. We did not attack each other.

One month after the conventions wrapped up, the margin of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's lead over GOP candidate Donald Trump has shrunk in Wisconsin. Clinton will appear with James Clad, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense under Bush.

Clinton's event in OH is the first she has had in six days and comes after three days of frenetic fundraising in the Hamptons. The fundraising swing concluded in style Tuesday night, with an event featuring performances from Jimmy Buffett, Jon Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney.

"This election should not be about ideology." she said. "And who knows what that might be?"

Trump fares better than Clinton among only two religious groups listed by Gallup, Protestants and other Christians, 40 to 35, and Mormons, 33-16.

"This election shouldn't be about ideology".

"Those who have served and wear the uniform today deserve to have a commander in chief who is looking out for them rather than donors and corrupt bureaucrats", said Matt Miller, director of Veterans for Trump.

Clinton, a former secretary of state and former USA senator, at times sounded like the Republican candidates Trump defeated to win his party's presidential nomination.

Trump has said he dislikes the term "American exceptionalism", and has described it as insulting to other nations.

Clinton told the veterans, "When America fails to lead, we leave a vacuum".

The announcement comes the morning after Trump delivered a major immigration speech in Phoenix, AZ where he doubled down on his "extreme vetting" plan, as well as his proposal to have Mexico pay for the wall he wants built along the border.

The poll also said that 650 of 803 people would be "certain to vote".

Trump, she said, understands little about how American alliances operate or the principles of US engagement overseas.

"We stand with our allies because generations of our troops fought and died to secure those bonds", Clinton said.

On the much-discussed topic of Hillary Clinton's email use, a clear majority of voters - 52 percent - say that the former Secretary of State used a personal email account and a home-based server simply for convenience.

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