Sacramento mayor tackles protester who hit him with pie

Man who hit Sacramento mayor with pie to face felony charge

Sacramento mayor tackles protester who hit him with pie

The attorney for political pie-thrower Sean Thompson is questioning the current lack of video evidence in the altercation with disgraced soon-to-be-former Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson.

Sacramento Magazine released four photos showing the confrontation and the aftermath.

The man who hit Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson in the face with a pie has been formally charged with assault and battery.

Sean Thompson was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a public official at a charity dinner Wednesday night after hitting the former National Basketball Association player with what he says was a coconut cream pie.

According to Miller's sources, "a protester ran at the mayor and threw a store-bought pie in his face".

Faber said Johnson told him what happened in the moments before. This prompted the mayor to allegedly tackle the protester and punch him in the face "repeatedly", more than half a dozen times, landing "five to 10" blows.

Chris Vellucci, who organizes legal support for activists at the National Lawyers Guild in Sacramento, said people in the social justice community are concerned about Thompson's safety and Johnson's physical response.

The event was taking place at a local high school, and reportedly Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson responded to the attack with an attack of his own. Thompson walked near the mayor, pulled a coconut-cream pie from a bag, and smacked the pie into Johnson's face. His $100,000 bail will be reviewed Tuesday.

It's the pie throw heard around the Sacramento area. Thompson said instead of spending $556.6 million on the new arena, Johnson should have collected the money for public schools, community development, or to help the city's homeless. "I still stand by what I did", said Thompson.

Asked if he could say anything to Johnson, Thompson was pretty succinct in his evaluation of the mayor.

"All of a sudden I looked and you could see he was kind of wiping something", said Erika Bjork of the Sacramento Republic soccer team.

Thompson has been identified as a former Sacramento City College student and Occupy Sacramento activist, though he wanted to be clear that his actions were not a product of any Occupy agenda.

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