Sony's $3000 Gold Walkman Will Blow Away Your Ears

Sony Signature Series 2016 Products

Sony Signature Series Headphone Amp Walkman Up the Ante

Each product earns "Signature Series" status and is engineered with meticulous attention to detail, using the highest quality materials to deliver exceptional sound quality with High Resolution Audio. Sony's making another version - the NW-WM1A - that lacks the gold plating, alas, but costs about the same as the $1,200 high-res audio Walkman Sony introduced previous year.

A year ago we weren't exactly thrilled to see Sony dragging the Walkman brand -one of the most successful consumer electronics products of all time-through the mud by tacking it onto a $1,200 hi-res audio player.

The Walkman also has a "dual clock circuit with low phase noise quartz oscillator", which is part of the digital-to-analog conversion chain and will theoretically lead to sound quality improvement. It was introduced alongside new headphones and other audio devices. Along with this, Sony also unveiled a Hi-Res high power home audio system (model MHC-GT7DW), two wireless Extra Bass headphones for sports use (models MDR-XB80BS and MDR-XB50BS) and a NW-A30 series Hi-Res Walkman that has improved ease of use with its 3.1-inch touch screen. "The new series pushes sound to an entirely new realm - taking the headphone experience from "listening" to "feeling" it".

The new MDR-Z1R headphones are optimized for high-resolution audio, featuring 70mm magnesium dome drivers and neodymium magnets. Both the headband and ergonomically correct ear pads are covered in genuine leather for added comfort.

Finally, the TA-ZH1ES is the first headphone amplifier to carry the coveted ES brand. The Walkman became an iconic symbol of setting music free, moving it from a record player or bulky tape player into something that was personal and portable. Even the cable that runs from the S-Master HX digital amplifier to the headphone socket is a four wire braided Kimber Kable in pursuit of absolute quality. It also supports a wide variety of headphone connectors, including both balanced and unbalanced designs without any compromise.

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