Coalition to unveil details of $100m domestic violence package

Governor Larry Hogan

Governor Larry Hogan

Mr Turnbull is expected to outline further details of his government's $100 million support package for domestic violence services in Australia later on Friday.

A candlelight vigil to remember those killed by domestic violence and to honor survivors is set for 6:15 p.m. October 27 at Howard Amon Park, behind the Richland Community Center, 500 Amon Park Dr.

One in four Australian women has experienced violence at the hands of her partner or ex-partner, and, on average, one Australian woman is killed each week.

But Labor will say the proposed investment doesn't counter the cuts the government has already made to community legal centres, legal assistance for Indigenous Australians, and legal aid.

The Turnbull Government will also announce it is extending, by a year, the pilots announced last year for 12 specialist domestic violence units and five health justice partnerships.

A report released earlier this year, commissioned by the prime minister and premiers, found one in three Australian women has experienced physical violence and nearly one in five has experienced sexual violence.

Women's Legal Services Australia called on the meeting to consider the issue of women regularly being directly cross-examined by abusive former partners during Family Court proceedings.

In a joint statement issued ahead of the summit, Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek and Terri Butler said: "It's not enough to simply say that family violence is a priority - we need to see action and results". "Women are being traumatised in the system right now and this is leading to adverse outcomes for children as well".

"We know from the Family Law Council that more than half of the parenting cases that come before the Family Court, one or both parties are actually unrepresented for some or all of the proceedings".

Deborah is now a part of the task force helping to find solutions and raise awareness about domestic violence through this conference.

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