Kaine says Trump 'not qualified' in Charlotte visit

"When he looks a woman in the eye, he sees maybe a part human and part object, but he does not see an equal", Kaine said.

"Donald Trump will not defend the democratic traditions of this country", he said.

Most millennials, five of six, interviewed at the rally said they were not initially Clinton supporters.

"It was shocking." Trump was asked at the debate by mode.

Kaine said although Clinton is now up in the polls, he still views the race as a close one.

"This is not a television show, folks".

Kaine, who was in South Florida last weekend, is expected to appear Sunday in Alachua and Orange counties and Monday in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

Kaine concluded his speech outlining what's next for the campaign and how people shouldn't take anything for granted, despite leading in the polls.

As vice president, Kaine said he would hope to be central in forging relationships between the administration and mayors and governors.

As polling places across North Carolina opened for business Thursday, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine rallied voters in a sweep across what he dubbed the "checkmate" state.

"Forty years of working for families and children", Kaine said of his running mate.

Clinton is stepping up efforts to help Democrats recapture Senate control but Kaine didn't make a specific pitch for a Democratic Senate.

"Get an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top", he said. "But there are many who have economic anxieties ... and we've got to demonstrate to them in that first 100 days when we're putting an economic package on the table that we're speaking to their concerns and their communities".

Grant Hill, seven-time NBA All Star and two-time Duke national champion, introduced Kaine during the event, explaining how Clinton had befriended his mother during her studies at Wellesley College, where his mother was one of only a few black students. He said that student loan debt hurts more than just the person struggling to pay loans. He went on to praise Obama's work in addressing climate change, particularly the Paris Agreement, which is an effort created to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

"There are a lot of people on the side of the road", he said. "After all these strong women have supported me for so long, what a great thing to support such a strong and compassionate leader as Hillary Clinton".

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