Nicole Scherzinger: 'I've sacrificed family for my career'

Nicole Scherzinger: 'I've sacrificed family for my career'

Nicole Scherzinger: 'I've sacrificed family for my career'

The brunette beauty certainly had some tough choices on her hands, as she picked only three of the seven very talented singers that accompanied her to judges houses.

This year the Groups category will jet off to Ibiza to sing for Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell invites the Girls category to Malibu, the Overs category are hosted by Sharon Osbourne in her home in Los Angeles and the Boys category fly out to Nice to perform for Nicole Scherzinger.

Speaking about her life and regrets, the brunette beauty - who is now dating tennis ace Grigor Dimitrov - told The Mirror Online: "Look at me?"

Nicole Scherzinger slammed rumors that she cheated on her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov with Calvin Harris. She added: "I feel like you're developing your sound".

She explained: "Back in the day, when I had him for my boys category. he didn't have the strongest vocals, but there was something about him. It's sacrificing your time in relationships, with loved ones, and my work".

"I see a dream and a vision of what I want and I'm going to the top of that mountain".

He said: "She looks sensational on TV and then you meet her in person and she's insane handsome". But I haven't even skimmed the surface of what I am capable of creating and what I know that I was born for.

Referencing to a future wedding with 25-year-old Grigor, Nicole continued: "You are in a zone with work, so other things can suffer".

"It's a sacrifice when you put your heart into a job".

She is now dating tennis star Grigor Dimitrov, 25.

"He's a fan of The X Factor", the singer said of her partner. This is where her remaining Boys are going to be competing for a spot on a team, and there are a lot of worthy contenders here.

The X Factor continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV1.

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