Percent of Voters Say Election Could be 'Stolen' from Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Percent of Voters Say Election Could be 'Stolen' from Donald Trump

With just three weeks until the general election and a bruised campaign bleeding support, even from members of his own party, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is peddling unsubstantiated claims of an election "rigged" in favor of his opponent Hillary Clinton.

An earlier NBC/WSJ poll conducted two days after 2005 video surfaced of Trump making vulgar comments to describe kissing and groping women found Clinton leading by double digits among likely voters. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 points.

There are states with some measure of Democratic control over the process. "The survey also underscored the hardening of the lines between those supporting Trump and those who are not", it said.

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 16, 2016Election is being rigged by the media, in a coordinated effort with the Clinton campaign, by putting stories that never happened into news! That's exactly half of what the Clinton team said it had on hand - a worrisome financial disadvantage for the Republican side. Forty-six percent of registered voters prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, while 44 percent want a Republican-controlled Congress.

But that changed again at the end of the month, with Hillary Clinton's strong performance in the first debate and Trump's decision to spend the next week in a public feud with former Miss Universe victor Alicia Machado.

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said there's evidence implicating Russian Federation in the email hacks.

"Hillary is running for president in what looks like a rigged election", he charged in New Hampshire. And on Sunday, in an interview with NBC's "Meet The Press", he said the campaign will "accept the will of the American people, you bet".

Support for Trump among GOP voters has dropped to 78 percent. He's saying that America can't run a fair election.

"I think there's no question that the evidence continues to point in that direction", Mr Pence said.

In the latest attack, leveled without proof, Trump suggested she had taken drugs during their last debate, and called for testing ahead of their final duel Wednesday in Las Vegas.

But these are also delicate times for Clinton. Enthusiasm among Trump supporters is down to 79%, while Clinton's is up to 83% - erasing the 10-point advantage in that measure that Trump had before the first debate.

On a similar theme, a prominent Trump supporter who spoke at the GOP convention last summer, Sheriff David Clarke Jr. of Wisconsin's Milwaukee County, tweeted Saturday: "It's incredible that our institutions of gov, WH, Congress, DOJ, and big media are corrupt & all we do is bitch". A spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Ryan is "fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity".

Underscoring the campaign's divisiveness, a Republican Party office in the southern state of North Carolina was firebombed overnight Sunday, with the message "Nazi Republicans leave town or else" sprayed on an adjacent building.

Based on responses when people were asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, Clinton's chances of winning are at 87 percent compared to Trump's 13 percent, according to No one was hurt in the attack.

The Wason Center will release three more tracking polls before Election Day, November 8.

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