Andromeda Has Crafting, Updated New Game+; Story Described as "Different"

Mass Effect Andromeda loyalty missions

Andromeda Has Crafting, Updated New Game+; Story Described as "Different"

For anyone who wasn't online yesterday or hasn't seen it yet, a new cinematic reveal trailer for the game was released by BioWare.

Ever since the announcement of another entry in the Mass Effect franchise, fans have wondered how exactly a fourth game in the series would work after the universe altering events of Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 however was more polarizing. They certainly put the fear in Ryder, the new male character for the series.

The game's antagonists have been revealed to be called the Kett (previously Khet) and although they seemed pretty nasty in the trailer, apparently Ryder will also have a reason to sympathise with them.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out in Spring 2017, which kicks off in the Northern Hemisphere in the last week of March.

This includes the fact that there will not be a beta test on PC, the current option only allow you to choose between Xbox One and PS4.

Overall, squadmate dialogue count has increased from previous games, although it's still unclear how many squadmates there will be.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be getting a ridiculous Collector's Edition with a remote-controlled Nomad, the game's new version of Mass Effect's Mako. While practically no gameplay was shown, and we still have no concrete release date, there is a lot of information available. That means due to the nature of space travel between galaxies, the core characters of BioWare's sequel will be blissfully unaware of Commander Shepard and the Reaper war by the time Andromeda begins. Support us on Patreon so we can keep bringing you words and get rid of some ads. The siblings are tasked with the role of "Pathfinder", which is a scientist/soldier hybrid on a mission to find a new home world for the human civilization to colonize.

Multiplayer again ties into the main campaign, although not in a way that affects Andromeda's ending.

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