Bethesda Launches the Special Edition of Skyrim

Probably the most important takeaway, however, of the popularity of "Gamer Grandma" is that it shows how players of all ages can enjoy not just Skyrim: Special Edition, but video games in general.

So what has been done to the game to warrant it getting a second release?

The PC version of the game, which you can see the full system requirements online, will be supporting mods, while the console versions will be incorporated with it for the very first time. At this point, it would be best for the fans to just wait for more news coming from Bethesda about the patch.

Users expected Bethesda to fix these little things this time around as this was the case with the first game as well. Interacting with the game's plethora of characters and embarking on countless quests that may or may not progress the main story at all is all part of what makes the game special, and honestly is more interesting than what the overall narrative has to offer.

"Skyrim Special Edition" was released last Friday, and by Saturday, there were already complaints about the game. If you've hardly noticed or weren't made aware of, here are some easy improvements and downgrades you'll experience in-game. As posted, gamers extracted the original "Skyrim" sound file and installed it on the newer game version. The star in this regard is the volumetric lighting, which managed to leave me in awe all these years later as I stalked through Falkreath forests where moonlight dropped in ghostly shafts through the trees. However, it would seem that the enhanced package comes with quite a few audio problems that Bethesda is now trying to fix. The PC Mods didn't just stop at raising the resolution, people were able to create awesome additions to an already expansive games. Thus, any saves you have that used gameplay-altering mods won't work with the new version.

"I've actually felt less immersed in real-life forests than I do in Skyrim Special Edition's wildernesses". Coincidentally, that's a good thing in more ways than one as the PC version of Skyrim Special Edition is not really that much of an improvement. Stay tune as we give you details later today.

According to Pete Hines, the vice president of Bethesda, the company wants to bring mod support for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In the short term SE will be more limited in terms of what mods you can play.

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