Food rations about to run out in east Aleppo, UN official warns

Exclusive Watchdog condemns Syrian government Islamic State use of banned chemical weapons

By Anthony Deutsch

Abdul Nasser al-Ayed, a military expert, said the hit-and-run battles in Aleppo and its countryside will never see an end before reaching a political solution to the crisis.

Egeland insisted that, with winter approaching, the need to avoid mass starvation would force all sides - including the regime, its key ally Russian Federation and the rebels - to grant humanitarian access. He added that extending the halts would only help the "terrorists" restore their capabilities.

The International Syria Support Group (ISSG) has established the respective taskforces on humanitarian aid delivery and a wider ceasefire. "The UN representatives are being informed in advance of their date and time, the placement of humanitarian corridors to be used by civilians and withdrawing militants, the security measures, the number of available buses, ER vehicles, hot food stalls", he said.

The last remaining food rations are now being handed out in Syria's rebel-held eastern Aleppo and there will be nothing left to distribute next week without a resupply, the United Nations said Thursday.

"Having heard back from the [humanitarian] taskforce today, we are hopeful that both sides will, since the situation is so horrendous as it is, grant us the opportunity to both come with supplies into east Aleppo, and evacuate wounded and others out of east Aleppo", he said. He said he also had the clear impression that Russian Federation would continue its pause in air strikes over the northern city.

According to the adviser, the situation in Aleppo remains hard, with some families not receiving aid for several weeks, with at least 300 injured and in need of evacuation. "So we expect there to be continued, uninterrupted USA help and engagement in the coming months".

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Thursday poured scorn on the US officials who questioned the usefulness of Russia's "humanitarian pauses".

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