Martin Shkreli Shares Unreleased Wu-Tang Clan Tracks After Trump Victory

Pharmaceutical chief Martin Shkreli smiles on Capitol Hill in Washington during the House Committee on Oversight and

Martin Shkreli Shares Unreleased Wu-Tang Clan Tracks After Trump Victory

And it comes from a rather unlikable source.

Shkreli bought the album at auction for US$2 million a year ago, and made good on the promise to the public early Wednesday by playing snippets of the album during a live Periscope video posted to Twitter.

Martin Shkreli, that Pharma-bro who bough a cheap HIV drug and spiked the price up 5,000 percent, better prepare himself for a winter vacation because Hell has officially frozen over.

Even still, in these uncertain times, it's some reassurance to know that Wu-Tang Clan still ain't nuthing ta fuck wit'.

A year ago the world became familiar with the timid grin of Martin Shkreli when he raised the price of pharmaceutical drug Daraprim by 5000%.

He promised last month to release the album and other artists' unreleased music for free if Trump won, then considered a longshot by pollsters.

Revealing why he bought the album, Shkreli previously told Power 105.1's Breakfast Club: "There's a lot of things rich guys do to show off".

But as the unexpected happened overnight, Shkreli took to Periscope - he remains blocked by sites including YouTube and Twitch - to stream a couple of select tracks.

After news broke that the real estate mogul/reality star and Republican nominee had won the election early Wednesday morning, Shkreli made good on his promise. He paid $2million for the record, with the stipulation that he doesn't release it publicly for 88 years. He is now on bail after being arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and indicted for securities fraud last December.

Word is, Shkreli says he will drop the album, after sorting out the details.

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