Missing Aussie tourist found alive in Mulu park

Andrew Gaskell

Facebook Andrew Gaskell went missing nearly two weeks ago

An Australian hiker who went missing for almost two weeks after losing his bearings in remote Malaysian jungle was found by rescuers on Tuesday and taken to hospital, police said on Tuesday (Nov 1).

He survived by eating wild ferns in the last few days and drinking plenty of fresh water.

A helicopter winched 26 year-old Andrew Gaskell from the forest in the MuluNational Park in Sarawak on Borneo island and flew him to a hospital in the town of Miri.

Gaskell has been missing since October 20 when he went on a hike in the interior of Mulu.

The 25-year-old is being assessed in a Malaysian hospital, Tasmanian police said in a statement on Tuesday night.

He said the search party have broken up into groups with one team searching along Sungai Paku by boat while another team was en route to the Mulu summit.

Sarawak fire and rescue department
This is the moment Andrew Gaskell was rescued
Sarawak fire and rescue department This is the moment Andrew Gaskell was rescued

"And so begins my journey beyond the horizon".

A World Heritage site, the Mulu National Park is famous for its caves and limestone formations.

Andrew Gaskell, from Tasmania, was found weak, covered in leeches and in need of medical attention at a camp in Malaysia's Mulu National Park about noon Tuesday.

After he was found, his mother Elizabeth said the family was "very thankful and grateful" he'd been found and for the search effort.

Mr Gaskell grew up in Hobart but has lived in Cairns for the past three years and it was his family in Tasmania who alerted police.

"We're so overwhelmed with everyone's support".

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