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Hillary Clinton’s climate platform includes a carbon emissions reduction goal more ambitious than President Obama’s.
   Lorie Shaull  Flickr

Hillary Clinton’s climate platform includes a carbon emissions reduction goal more ambitious than President Obama’s. Lorie Shaull Flickr

Speaking to supporters in Toledo, Ohio, Trump said the North American Free Trade Agreement signed by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, had led to the outsourcing of thousands of Ohio jobs to Mexico, a practice he vowed to stop if elected president on November 8, Reuters reported.

Donald Trump got a morale boost this week - but it likely won't be enough to propel him to the White House. The 71-year-old retired nurse supports the state's Republican leaders and worries about election fraud - one reason cited for passing the voting law in 2013. After all, it was Obama who had brought new voters into the party during his rise to the White House, not the other way around.

They included new tax incentives for inner cities, new micro-loans for African Americans to start companies and hire workers and reinvestment of money from suspended refugee programs in inner cities.

The Clinton campaign has also not written off small-town or rural parts of the state.

Clinton's education plans, meanwhile, are firmly rooted in improving the country's public schools. Do they back Trump? The coalitions that deliver victory here - Latino voters and suburban women - have shown little affinity for Trump.

Obama's bid to restore balance in redistricting speaks to the biggest obstacle of his presidency, and one he was never able to fully overcome: a Congress occupied largely by politicians from districts that lean so heavily Republican or Democratic that they have little incentive to compromise with the other side. But to the frustration of many in his party, Trump has struggled to stay on message, often turning to personal attacks against private citizens who he feels have wronged him, like the Gold Star family of a deceased Muslim-American solider.

"It's one of the longest elections, we have had to bear down and hear the insults". Clinton lost three points during that period.

In Nevada, Trump's hardline position on immigration has turned off many in the state's large Hispanic population — giving Clinton an advantage. "We spend more by far, and we're doing very poorly". He was ahead last month, 50 percent to 44 percent.

Here's where the two candidates stood in the swing states. Meantime she's spent $2 million on television advertising in Arizona and sent first lady Michelle Obama there to campaign for her.

Band called the business, "Bill Clinton Inc. I want to know that our representatives are held to a higher standard", said Oviedo resident Jason Gregory. "They are trying to convince you that your vote doesn't matter".

TRUMP: Trump has not discussed early childhood education. By contrast, about a fifth of Democrats say Clinton's email use while she was secretary of state makes them less likely to vote for her, but majority say they're ultimately supporting her anyway.

Clinton's advisers also warn that the race will probably narrow in the days to come.

Clinton's efforts are about turnout.

TRUMP: He supports merit pay for outstanding teachers and wants to end teacher tenure that "rewards bad teachers".

The agency, which did not respond to questions about Comey's letter and did not lay out a timeline for the review, is also investigating the recent hacks of the emails of John Podesta, Clinton's campaign chairman. He said recent emails published by WikiLeaks highlighted how a close Bill Clinton aide helped the couple rake in millions.

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