Jordanian police patrol comes under attack in town of Karak

According to Jordan's Public Security Department, armed men initially injured two police officers in a shootout at a house near the city before driving to the castle, where the most intense violence occurred.

A Canadian tourist and several security officers are among at least 10 people who died after gunmen opened fire at a Crusader castle in southern Jordan Sunday.

Several tourists were believed to have been taken hostage by the gunmen, who took refuge in Karak castle in the south of Jordan. The statement said large amounts of weapons had been seized.

The statement made no mention of their identity or whether they belonged to a militant group.

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Jordan's state news agency Petra says a security patrol came under fire from armed men at a tourist site Sunday.

"As soon as they reached the area, unknown gunmen who were inside the house opened fire on the patrol, wounding a policeman, and then fled by auto", the statement said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks in and near Karak. In another attack, gunmen fired on a security patrol in Karak, causing no injuries, the statement said. Two policemen were injured and the attackers fled in a vehicle, the statement said.

Prime Minister Hani al Mulki told Parliament "a number of security personnel" had been killed.

Jordan is one of the few Arab states that have taken part in a US-led air campaign against Islamic State militants holding territory in Syria.

No group has admitted carrying out the attacks. In the most recent incident, three USA military members were killed in a shooting outside an air base in southern Jordan in November.

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