Triple-double tracker: Westbrook goes for four in a row

Triple-double tracker: Westbrook goes for four in a row

Triple-double tracker: Westbrook goes for four in a row

The Washington Wizards (6-10) won their previous game against the Sacramento Kings at home with a 101-95 overtime victory.

One of the silver linings of the night was Bradley Beal's 31 points that led the Wizards yet again.

The Thunder are 7-2 this season when Westbrook gets a triple-double. He's had at least five rebounds in every game this season. Kelly Oubre Jr. led the Wizards' bench with ten points, ten rebounds and two steals.

When Brooks' name was called over the loud speakers to conclude Wizards lineup introductions, the crowd got up on its feet.

If the Wizards decide to put Porter on the trading block, OKC would be wise to immediately step forward and offer trade options to Washington. He shot seven out of 13 from beyond the arc.

While Wall's hands will be full trying to slow down Westbrook, the focus of the Oklahoma City fans will be on Wall's coach, Scott Brooks.

Meanwhile, the Thunder will be aiming for a fourth straight win tonight after taking down the Knicks by 112-103 on Monday. According to a report by Yahoo Sports, Westbrook only needed 11 rebounds to average a triple double, so he finished the night with 27 points, 14 assists, and 18 rebounds. He is on a roll and proving worthy for the MVP award.

His averages now stand at 31.2 points, 10.5 assists and 11.3 assists.

Enes Kanter had 14 points off the bench for OKC, while Domantas Sabonis and Andre Roberson had 10 apiece. LeBron James scored 19 points, adding 11 assists. The Thunder dominated the Knicks in the paint in the rebounding department, with a 63-47 difference.

Adams wasn't quite up to his season average against the Wizards, though, missing four of his 10 free-throws en route to 12 points (3/6 FG) and six rebounds in 28 minutes as the Thunder got up 126-115 in overtime.

Dictate the tempo of the game.

Technical fouls are always going to be part of the package with Markieff Morris, and to a certain extent that's worth it if it means Morris stays fully engaged on both ends.

Other Thunder players, including Kiwi Steven Adams, have proven their worth since the playoffs last season while new player, Victor Oladipo, continues to learn the systems set down by coach Billy Donovan.

Contact Lorenzo Rosas at enzor9 "at" if you question whether Russell Westbrook would still be willing to accept Lorenzo's nomination for MVP if he knew it was written while wearing a Lakers jersey. On Friday, they'll head to the AT&T Center, another arena the Wizards have never won a game, to take on Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs.

Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder host the Washington Wizards at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday. If they can't, Westbrook's inevitably increasing frustration will pose a greater threat than an MVP award for a once-promising Thunder franchise.

"His first time back you definitely want to get him a win", Wall said before the game, looking out over the large media contingent interviewing Brooks after the team's shoot-around.

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