Trump's sons offer private receptions with father for $1M donations

Trump's sons offer private receptions with father for $1M donations

Trump's sons offer private receptions with father for $1M donations

The Center for Public Integrity reported Monday night that Trump's large adult sons are behind a newly-created nonprofit called the Opening Day Foundation, incorporated in Texas. The only thing is, no specific charities are named in any of the brochures advertising the opportunities, and neither is information clarifying how "net proceeds" will be calculated. A $250,000 donation gets you a photo op with Donald Jr. and Eric, as well as a signed guitar by an unnamed Opening Day 2017 performer.

Donald Trump's sons have denied any involvement in a charity event using huntings trips with them and private receptions with their father to entice millionaire donors. For $1 million, sponsors are entitled to a private reception and photo opportunity with the just-inaugurated president, a multi-day hunting or fishing trips with Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, and almost 100 tickets to the event itself, and other benefits. Donald Jr. was involved in outreach to hunting and fishing groups and reportedly involved in the selection of Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) to be Trump's Interior secretary pick. They posed with their kills after a hunting trip in Zimbabwe, and perhaps the most memorable shot shows the two brothers standing side-by-side sporting huge pearly grins while holding up the limp body of a leopard. It advertised objects like the much-ridiculed Trump Christmas ornament and MAGA hats that can be bought at Trump's still-operating campaign shop, part of the Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee between Trump's 2016 campaign and the Republican National Committee.

The Trump boys and the president-elect were only thinking about selling access to the White House.

"Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are avid outdoorsmen and supporters of conservation efforts, which align with the goals of this event, however they are not involved in any capacity", the statement says.

A week ago the family took an auction offline after ethics experts raised concerns when Ivanka Trump was offering a coffee date with her to benefit the Eric Trump foundation at St. Jude's Hospital.

She added, "This move damages the public's opinion of government and our elected leaders".

Asked on a conference call today with reporters whether Trump plans to set up rules for his children's charitable actions, Jason Miller, a Trump transition spokesman, said he had not spoken to the president-elect about the issue and would get back to the reporter with an answer.

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