Apple joins group to keep Artificial Intelligence from turning against humans

The partnership was first announced in September, and Apple was conspicuous by its absence. In December the company published its first paper on AI, a sign it was ready to start sharing some of its research.

They will join Greg Corrado of Google/DeepMind, Tom Gruber of Apple, Ralf Herbrich of Amazon, Eric Horvitz of Microsoft, Yann Lecun of Facebook, and Francesca Rossi of IBM.

Artificial intelligence is great, but it needs some ethical supervision in order to benefit everyone.

The Cupertino company's decision to join the team effort has baffled some news outlets, as Apple tends to be very secretive about its AI-related endeavors. "We believe it's beneficial to Apple, our customers, and the industry to play an active role in its development and look forward to collaborating with the group to help drive discussion on how to advance AI while protecting the privacy and security of consumers".

In an official statement, Tom Gruber stated that he was glad to see such concern from leading tech giants regarding any potential threat from artificial intelligence development.

The group plans to announce additional details sometime after the board's February 3 meeting in San Francisco, including how other organizations and individuals can join.

Meanwhile, Apple will be joining Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft as one of the key members of the group.

The Partnership on AI is now undergoing the process of clarifying specific areas of work. The companies could write about ethics, inclusivity and privacy as these are hot topics. Four months after its establishment, the group dedicated to tackling artificial intelligence opportunities and challenges has finally welcomed the iPhone maker as a member.

Apple has formally joined the Partnership on AI as a founding member, confirming an earlier report, the organization announced today.

According to Venture Beat, participants of the nonprofit have agreed to work together to form best practices and share their research findings under an open license.

While Apple might be responsible for bringing the first quality AI smartphone assistant project to fruition, Siri is now falling behind in technological development, according to some sources.

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