Car-Bomb Blast Rocks Eastern Baghdad

Iraq blast

Car-Bomb Blast Rocks Eastern Baghdad

Interior Ministry said a suicide vehicle bomb ripped through a wholesale market in the neighborhood of Sadr City, killing at least seven people and wounding fifteen others.

ISIL issued an online statement admitting to the attack, using a nom de guerre indicating the bomber was Iraqi and saying that he targeted members of Iraq's Shiite majority. According to local sources, the attacker is believed to have driven the auto through a gate into the market and detonated the bomb after security forces fired on the vehicle.

The Interior Ministry's Baghdad Operations reportedly said the mine studded vehicle exploded in the Shiite Jamila district of the eastern city of al-Sadr. The explosions have claimed at least 20 lives and wounded over 60 people, according to police and medics cited by Reuters. The AP says nine shoppers were killed and another 16 wounded in that bombing, adding: "Three additional bombings in and around the capital killed seven people and wounded 24 others". In fact, Sadr City was targeted with another suicide bombing just days ago.

ISIS, an extremist Sunni sect, views Shiites as infidels.

"Iraqi special forces and their Shia militia allies have been trying to drive IS from its stronghold in the northern city of Mosul".

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