Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg studies role of church in community

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg studies role of church in community

After the Honolulu Star-Advertiser first reported on the lawsuits, Zuckerberg took to his own Facebook page to defend himself, calling the media coverage "misleading".

But according to local news reports, the estate isn't quite as secluded as one might think.

But this peace-making attempt appeared to fail, and led hundreds in Kauai to plan a march for Friday to protest the lawsuits as well as a six-foot wall Zuckerberg placed around the property. Quiet title suits seek to clarify the ownership of plots of land, which can be very complicated in Hawaii, and can result in owners being forced to sell at auction.

However, a tiny part - eight acres - of Zuckerberg's property still belongs to several Hawaiian families in accordance with the Kuleana Act of 1850, which allows native people to own the land they once lived on.

Zuckerberg has realised that pushing natives off their land is so 19th century and that it might cast him in the same light as General Custer, or the bad guy in the new Disney flick Moana.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he is reconsidering efforts to force the sale of land tracts belonging to native Hawaiians that fall within a large estate he bought on the island of Kauai, after facing harsh criticism. "Quiet title" has commonly been used to force defendants to be evicted from properties, per NOLO.com.

Facebook CEO has said he will review his earlier stance of filing quiet title lawsuits after locals complained it's against local traditions.

"We can not allow billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg to use piles of money to tilt Hawaii's justice system against local residents", Hawaii State Representative Kaniela Ing recently said in a post on Facebook.

Speculation about the tech founder's future political career was initially sparked late last year, when unsealed court filings revealed that not only had he discussed the possibility with some of Facebook's board members, but that a recent reshuffle of the company's corporate structure would ensure that Zuckerberg could take a two-year break to hold "a government position or office" without losing control of the company.

However, the protest will still proceed, according to its organizer, Joe Hart. Hawaiians say they are confronted by security guards while walking along a public beach adjacent to the billionaire's property.

"We got to tell him that right after the explosion, people in town just automatically turned to the church for help. Many of you have shared your families" stories, and we want to honor their history'.

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