Small Plane And Its 6 Passengers Completely Vanish After Takeoff

File image of Coast Guard

Coast Guard searching for missing plane that took off from Burke Lakefront Airport

The plane was heading for The Ohio State University.

The vessels will be from the Cleveland Division of Fire, a 27-foot boat; the U.S. Coast Guard, a 45-foot boat; and Underwater Marine Contractors, a 50-foot-boat, the blog says.

Airport officials reported that they had "lost communications and radio contact" with a Cessna Citation 525 aircraft, Coast Guard official Michael Mullen told reporters on Friday.

Air traffic control notified the Coast Guard of the plane on the way for the Ohio State University Airport at 11:30 p.m. Thursday night.

The Coast Guard is being assisted by a helicopter from Detroit and a plane from the Canadian Air Force. The plane was last spotted approximately two miles into Lake Erie.

The Coast Guard will suspend the search at 7:30 pm EST on Friday and begin again Saturday morning.

A plane carrying three adults and three children vanished after taking off from a small airport in Cleveland on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

Fleming, chief executive of a Columbus-based beverage distribution company, was piloting the plane. They are now planning to work with local private divers to help in recovery efforts.

Fleming is considered to be an experienced pilot. Also on board were his wife and two teenage sons in addition to a neighbor and their daughter who have yet to be identified by authorities. The search has been made especially hard due to weather conditions on the lake, such as waves of up to 14 feet, strong winds, and snow flurries, reports NBC News.

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