Assad says West has no right to choose Syria's future

Yemenis supporting the Shiite Huthi rebels take part in an anti Saudi rally in the capital Sanaa

Yemenis supporting the Shiite Huthi rebels take part in an anti Saudi rally in the capital Sanaa More

Outgoing Hollande maintained former President Nikolas Sarkozy's position to support Syria's 2011 uprising against the Assad family rule.

Mr Assad denied that his government uses torture and repeated his rejection of allegations by Amnesty International of killings and violence perpetrated on prisoners at a complex near Damascus.

The Syrian conflict began when the Baath regime, in power since 1963 and led by Assad, responded with military force to peaceful protests during the Arab Spring wave of uprisings.

"Everywhere is a priority depending on the development of the battle". "They are in Palmyra now and in the eastern part of Syria".

"They said they interviewed few witnesses, who are opposition and defected".

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad said Trump's ban on Syrians entering the United States targeted terrorists, not the Syrian people, in what appears to be providing a logical ground to Trump who faced much criticism from his own people. Turkey has sent a lower-level delegation to the talks, compared with the previous round, because some senior diplomats were accompanying President Tayyip Erdogan on a foreign visit, Lavrentiev said.

Regarding torture, he said, "We don't do this, it's not our policy".

"The West can not choose what is better for Syria: I or the Islamic State (terrorist group outlawed in Russia)". For sadism?.to get information?

In an interview to Europe 1 radio, Assad looked unfazed about the ban expressing that Trump's ban was not against Syrian people.

"If we commit such atrocities it's going to play into the hands of the terrorists, they're going to win".

"They did not want to achieve peace in Syria", he said.

Bashar al-Assad said on in an interview with French media broadcast on Thursday that the travel ban, which included an indefinite ban on all Syrian refugees, was created to prevent "terrorists" from infiltrating the US.

Syria's warring sides are also set to hold a separate round of talks in the Swiss city of Geneva on February 20 under the auspices of the United Nations.

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