Fairbanks Educators Unhappy With Betsy DeVos Confirmation

Sen. Deb Fischer voted for Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, though DeVos has no experience with public schools ("DeVos gets confirmed", February 8). She notes that while school choice for all is the goal, the Every Student Succeeds Act (a reauthorization of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which established the American federal government's expanded role in funding public education) has a provision "that will allow states that are particularly innovative to implement some choices. on a very local level". This artificially raises the price of private schools, diminishing enrollment.

The idea of a nationwide voucher system seems to leave a sour taste in public education's mouth. Proficiency tests are tests that measure the results of the students in comparison to other students' results, while growth tests measure the progress the students make in comparison to their own previous results.

Rapthosh furthur explained the group's issues with charter schools.

The U.S. needs an education system that's as dynamic as the market our kids will enter, where new technologies can spring up overnight and render old ones obsolete.

Shifting more public funds to charter schools, however, will not improve education in our society. Americans deserve better, future generations deserve better and everyone deserves the opportunity to obtain a proper education. She also supports deregulation, private school ownership and the voucher system.

The threat to Wisconsin public schools from this new administration only adds to the list of reasons why Wisconsinites need to re-elect Tony Evers for state superintendent in April.

"Call to action: Come to school early!" the email said.

"I visited a school on Friday and met with some wonderful, genuine, honest teachers who pour their heart and soul into their classrooms and their students and our conversation was not long enough to draw out of them what is limiting them from being even more success from what they are now".

"(I'm here) to skip school.

The protest was encouraged on Twitter by the president of the Washington Teachers' Union, Elizabeth Davis, who said, "We want to share the message that we love our public school system".

For example, DeVos said that Nevada Virtual Academy had a 2015 graduation rate of 100 percent, which was actually only 63 percent, that Ohio Virtual Academy had a graduation rate of 92 percent, which in reality was 53 percent, and that Utah Virtual Academy had a graduation rate of 96 percent, while its graduation rate was actually only 42 percent. Most are run by the district, but some are run by separate boards and established as independent charter schools.

So, what does Betsy DeVos being the Secretary of Education have to do with university students? Charter schools can be operated by for- and non-profit companies.

The specific study cited by Thomas was conducted by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), called "Charter School Performance in MI".

- Cal Thomas is a columnist for Tribune Content Agency, LLC. And, as it turns out, low-performing students tend to be drawn to cyber charter schools, the study found. And once Devos goes, Trump will think very hard about putting forward someone who wants to destroy public education. 47-49 percent of charter schools got "significantly better" scores in Math and reading, while 44-52 percent saw no significant change, and only 1-7 percent of saw worse scores.

The study's findings are not unexpected.

Colorado, like many other states, has thousands of kids enrolled in online schools.

As of right now, 14 states, including OH, offer traditional voucher program options, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Parents, educators and local officials also defended the school and criticized the Education Secretary for mischaracterizing its teachers to make a political point about federal education programs. "I don't think most of those are spontaneous, genuine protests", DeVos told a conservative website last week.

Rather than attempting to help only a portion of America's disadvantaged students, we need to fix things at the source. The country will have to wait to see what happens in the way of reforms. To date it has around 33,000 students in 212 schools and has spent around $3 billion in vouchers since it started.

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