Greg Maddux goes undercover for prank on Kris Bryant

Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant thought he was shooting a baseball workout video, but ended up working with a Hall of Fame pitcher.

"The Mad Dog" said he was confident the disguise would work because he had only met Bryant once before.

"He actually might be better than the other guy", the unsuspecting Bryant said. Spring training is great!

Bryant, the Cubs' MVP third baseman, was about to be the victim of Hall of Famer Greg Maddux's latest prank.

Bryant "doubted" him at first, but quickly realized he was pretty good. After raking against the previous pitcher, Bryant simply couldn't make good contact against Maddux.

Maddox was in full makeup and needled at Bryant about his swing and when the batting practice pitcher got called away the "Sound Guy" stepped in.

Hall of Famer Greg Maddux is now a college pitching coach at UNLV. The scraggly-looking staffer requested it be made out to "Greg Maddux'" prompting Bryant to flip the bat in disbelief. Bryant then knew that he was on the wrong end of a pretty solid prank.

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