Hijab Day Sparks Conversations at Richwoods High School

Those with a number of organizations in the Fox Valley came together Wednesday, February 1st to celebrate the Muslim faith.

"This is the spirit of solidarity".

"Some women wear hijabs, others wear niqabs, some choose not to wear them", said Zafar, sisterhood leader of the association.

Perla Dionicio, a computer technician for Martin Elementary in Santa Ana, wore a hijab to her job on Wednesday. "Especially since the recent immigration restrictions have been enacted, both citizens and non-citizens from other countries with large Muslim populations are being affected by intolerance and ignorance and they need our solidarity now more than ever", said Leightenheimer. "They only base their discrimination on the external physique but they cover the real and internal problem", she said.

While the image is based on a photo from 2007, it also calls back to November 2015 when Muslim republican lawyer Saba Ahmed wore a flag hijab on Fox News to show her support for Trump.

Students at Bluefield College in Virginia and Simpson College in Iowa also are scheduled to participate in World Hijab Day.

President Donald Trump set off protests at airports around the country after issuing an executive order last Friday that blocks travelers for 90 days and suspends the admission of refugees for 120 days from seven majority Muslim countries. A friend who also wore the hijab for a day on World Hijab Day previous year, Macedo said she chose to participate to show support for her friend, and to correct anti-Muslim sentiments expressed by others, including her own family. This year, however, they have taken a more focused route.

I sent a message to the popular Facebook page "Hijab day", asking its supporters to stand with us against compulsory hijab, but my post went ignored. "But then I thought, 'Who am I trying to please, right?"

"So it is an act of faith", Silva said. "I wanted to create something that we as a community could be proud of". "I did it for God and to this day I still continue to wear my hijab proudly". I'm proudly Mexican and I'm proudly woman and I'm proud to be here as well.

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