HTC will streamline its smartphone lineup for 2017

The company is now responsible for one of the best VR kits on the market (HTC Vive), and with the entire VR realm growing at an alarming rate, the company stands to benefit handsomely for its efforts.

"We're a VR company, we're going to have something", he said.

While neither a confirmation or denial, HTC would be foolish not grow their Vive brand into the mobile space, which is growing far rapidly than the high-end VR sector.

But don't go expecting HTC to chuck out something similar to Samsung's Gear VR, which essentially acts as an affordable holster for the company's powerful Galaxy smartphones. It will still use a phone, but it may drop the form factor that many mobile VR headsets use.

The reason why HTC wants to leave Vive behind and developed a mobile version of it is because Samsung's Gear VR has been overshadowing it quite hard.

According to CNET, which spoke to Chief Financial Officer Chia-lin Chang, HTC has developed a VR product compatible with the new U Ultra smartphone.

Although the company posted a swelling net loss in its fourth quarter earnings report, the transition of resources does not necessarily mean that it will only manufacture flagship or premium devices from now on. However, it will most likely take up the place between high-end systems like the Vive and smartphone-powered headsets like the Gear VR.

You may have noticed already; Virtual Reality (VR) is a big deal at the moment.

Chang's announcement of the upcoming device reveals HTC's ongoing transition into a VR company, as its core smartphone business continues to struggle.

We will never know for sure until HTC makes an announcement, which should be coming in the next several months.

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