Humana Will Leave Obamacare Altogether In 2018

Repeal. Don't repeal. Replace.

Humana is pulling out of the Affordable Care Act market.

The Republican congressman who represents Aurora announced Monday he'll hold two listening tours related to health care access - one tour next week with health care providers and patient advocacy groups and one in March with constituents via telephone town halls.

The Affordable Care Act has provided health insurance for your constituents and has done so with overwhelming success. A bipartisan forum consisting of democratic representatives Tina Liebling and Duane Sauke, and republican senators Carla Nelson and Dave Senjem, addressed around 60 attendees who had concerns about the future of their health care coverage, and other pressing matters such as mental health care, and care for those with disabilities.

"If they repeal without a replacement, as they've been talking about for the last seven years, millions of Americans will lose health insurance coverage", Lowey said. Overall, countries with universal health insurance fare better in both expense and population health outcomes, though there are many complicated variables.

Numerous hospital executives on Monday warned of devastating job and service cuts based on those estimates.

He disputed U.S. District Judge John Bates, who said in his January 23 decision that Aetna's decision to not offer on-exchange plans in several counties "was a strategy to improve its litigation position".

What Republicans don't seem to have come to terms with is that, as a political matter, they already will be held responsible for whatever happens to health care markets, even if they don't introduce a replacement soon.

Some people say they don't want the government making life and death decisions when it comes to their care, or telling them what doctors they can see.

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) blamed Republican lawmakers for undermining the US health care system through their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

These plans can be offered either on or off of the ACA marketplace, with the exception of the District of Columbia, which provides insurance exclusively through that marketplace. We need medical care based on quality, efficiency and affordability for all, not based on the profit motive of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The change will align the marketplaces with the employer-sponsored insurance market and Medicare.

The revised timeline would provide insurers with additional time to implement proposed changes for the 2018 coverage year, allowing them to incorporate benefit changes and maximize the number of coverage options. The Aetna executive predicted that even more companies will back out of the government-run marketplaces in the coming weeks, leaving several areas across the USA with no insurers to provide Obamacare coverage. An executive order Trump signed relaxing enforcement of Obamacare, and the constant talk of repeal, have injected a debilitating uncertainty into the health care market - essentially beginning the unraveling of Obamacare with nothing to replace it. This snuffed out in the crib any other new innovations in health insurance product design.

"The annual screening for things like your cholesterol and blood pressure will be lost", Kolodny said.

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