Hundreds of migrants cross fence into Spain again

Hundreds of migrants cross Spanish border clash with police

Hundreds of migrants cross fence into Spain again

Nearly 500 migrants forced their way into Spanish territory in North Africa by breaking through gates in the 20ft fence that separates Morocco from Spain's Ceuta enclave. It is separated from mainland Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar.

The newest arrivals to Ceuta put the number of migrants waiting to be processed at a local holding center at more than 1,400, authorities told Reuters, adding that tents have been requested to house those who arrived on Monday. He refused to be identified, in accordance with government rules.

Spain's Civil Guard said three police officers and two migrants were taken to a local hospital as a result of violent clashes along the fence. A spokesman said the incident happened in the Tarajal area of the fence, with at least 10 members of the Moroccan armed forces also injured.

An estimated 500 breached the fence on Friday. He declined to disclose his identity in line with internal policy.

More than 30 migrants were treated at a migrant center for bone fractures and other injuries.

Eleven people were hospitalised after the jump over the six-metre, barbed-wire fencing surrounding the North African enclave, the Red Cross said. In video filmed by Faro TV Ceuta, some migrants can be seen with blood on their faces and bruises, but mostly celebrating their arrival in Spanish territory. Some are holding European Union flags while shouting "Freedom!".

Spain's two North African enclaves are often the focus of attempted illegal border crossings.

In hopes of getting into Europe, Hundreds of sub-Saharan African migrants, have fled poverty and violence.

Most are likely to be returned to Morocco or their country of origin.

Ceuta's migrant processing centre was already struggling to cope with the heavy numbers who have arrived in recent months, with an official capacity of just 512 people.

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