Planned Parenthood - Robin Rothman

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump speak at Trump's Mar-a Lago resort in Palm Beach after North Korea reportedly fired a ballistic missile

Planned Parenthood - Robin Rothman

"We're paying our taxes and our money is (going) to the abortion industry", Melone said.

Pro-life activists are urging Congress and Trump to eliminate Planned Parenthood's funding and redirect it to other federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) that provide more comprehensive care for women and families, without providing abortions.

"We know who will suffer if these things happen: poor people, people of color and queer people", she said in a statement.

The House of Representatives will vote next week to repeal a last-minute executive order by former President Barack Obama that provided federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

The words "We love you and your baby", written in marker in a child's handwriting next to a colored-in heart, were among the messages greeting drivers as they passed Planned Parenthood in Des Moines Saturday morning. Colorado Public Radio's Sam Brasch reports that Planned Parenthood officials actually asked supporters to stay away, fearing conflict would only make patients even feel more unwelcome.

66-year-old Dan Lucas said, "Planned Parenthood doesn't take care of just women".

Among those planning to speak at the Orange County demonstration is David Daleiden, founder for the anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress.

Leslie Hannon held a sign saying she owes her life to the organization.

"What they're defunding is the ability of Planned Parenthood to provide services".

Outside of Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, a couple of hundred abortion opponents prayed, marched and chanted.

Local organizer Louantha Kerr with anti-abortion group Hope For Life said "new people show up all the time" to demonstrations outside of the Newtown Road facility and that she saw several unfamiliar faces on Saturday.

Federal monies don't pay for abortions except in some very restricted cases, but Planned Parenthood is reimbursed by Medicaid for other services, including birth control and cancer screening. The hard-working, law-abiding citizens are paying for Planned Parenthood's barbaric actions.

MSU student Abbie Hebron said she was initially expecting only members of the student group to attend and was happy to see members of the community turn out. They are truly the neediest among us.

Another person connected with Roe vs. Wade was Dr. Bernard Nathason, who later said he lied about how many abortions were taking place so the law would be passed.

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