Puzder Withdraws His Nomination as Labor Secretary

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Puzder Withdraws His Nomination as Labor Secretary

After multiple delays, the confirmation hearing for President Trump's Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder, is expected to kick off tomorrow, February 16, before the U.S. Senate. He thanked Trump for the nomination and pledged to continue to support the administration.

Puzder's nomination was initially cheered by those on the right - as recently as Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he was a strong supporter of the fast-food executive - and those in the food industry.

On Monday it emerged that four GOP Senators on the confirmation hearing committee were unenthusiastic about Trump's choice - especially given Puzder's reluctance to fill out the standard vetting paperwork about his personal finances.

Ultimately, Republicans made it clear that Puzder did not have the votes for confirmation.

Puzder's hearing had been postponed for some weeks as he had taken so long to provide the required paperwork.

Puzder is the first of Trump's cabinet nominees to withdraw his nomination. "He and his company cheated workers out of overtime pay, resisted giving employees work breaks and health insurance, opposed the minimum wage and argued in favor of replacing people with robots". The answer is still unclear, but the resignation itself really isn't all that surprising. Patty Murray, the ranking Democrat on the panel that was to handle the hearing. Reporters questioned the activists if it was fair to tie Puzder to complaints that have not actually been filed against him or his company, to which the activists did not have a clear response. The former commercial trial lawyer has been a staunch opponent of rules finalized by the Labor Department previous year - and since put on hold - that would have expanded the number of people eligible for overtime pay. Whether asked about wage fairness issues, discrimination in the workplace, the role of union labor, automation, outsourcing or any of the other challenges facing USA workers, Puzder is expected to espouse fairly traditional Republican values.

On Feb. 15, Puzder announced that he was dropping himself from consideration for Labor Secretary.

Puzder's own criticism of Trump - and economic policies Trump later adopted - could have come back to haunt him.

CBS released a list of five Republican senators who have not made public how they will vote: Sens. Ultimately, all of them voted for Tillerson.

Murkowski and Maine's Republican Sen. All the other concerns that have been publicized...

Thune's hesitancy is notable because his leadership role makes him responsible for helping to build support for big-ticket GOP causes. She was terminated and Puzder later paid federal and state back taxes.

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