Sprint's $90 unlimited plan is not what it seems

Sprint's $90 unlimited plan is not what it seems

Sprint's $90 unlimited plan is not what it seems

This plan gives you unlimited talk time, texts as well as data, but it only covers a single line. The deal will only last for a year, and you have to buy five lines in order for the per-line pricing to get that low. A three line account would be $130; four lines for $160 per month.

Sprint launched its unlimited plan promotion in late January and in a new attempt to improve it, the carrier is throwing in a really interesting offer.

Verizon, in the age of streaming video and GIF-filled messaging, is looking to win back customers by offering unlimited data. With our new offer, you can sign up for a plan that allows you to surf and stream all you want and not worry about overage fees and charges.

Once you sign up, you'll lock in that discounted rate through March 31, 2018.

Users will pay $50 for a single line, $30 for two lines, and all other additions up to five will be free. With Sprint's offering, no matter how sweet it looks, there is a downside. These fees typically include a $2.50 administrative charge, 40 cent regulatory charge, state and local taxes, and other regional surcharges if applicable.

A competing five-line plan on T-Mobile will cost you $180 per month, while the same costs $270 per month on AT&T (and you have to add DirecTV service to even have the privilege of adding unlimited data). After the promotional period is over, customers will pay the additional $10/month for first line, the second line remains at $40/month and each of lines 3-5 are $30/month - with AutoPay.

"Sprint understands the value of unlimited data to our customers", said Roger Solé, Sprint chief marketing officer. "So why not use your wireless device to its full potential to enjoy things you love like Snapchat, social media, Twitter, watching video, texting and calling - all on our highly reliable high-speed network".

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