'The Walking Dead' return: Why is Rick smiling?

'The Walking Dead' return: Why is Rick smiling?

'The Walking Dead' return: Why is Rick smiling?

This leads Rick and company to the houseboat where Rick and Aaron had discovered a ton of firearms - and where viewers saw they were being watched by a mysterious boot-wearing person. We're clearly supposed to hate Gregory (notice how King Ezekiel doesn't get the same judgement, even after making basically the same decision), but Xander Berkeley is so good at playing this kind of morally compromised pragmatist that he sounds far more reasonable than the heroes who are dismissing him. As for Khary Payton's Ezekiel, well just listen to the man speak and you get the idea.

It was the show's mid-season premiere on Sunday, the flawless time for Hardwick to show some photos from Williams' Walking Dead-themed wedding.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "The Walking Dead". There's a reason why the Governor was able to overtake the jail back in the day.

Ezekiel is hesitant, prompting such stirring dialogue as Daryl (Norman Reedus), who then calls his... kingship into question, but is offered sanctuary nonetheless. It's because they have a huge following. Gabriel wasn't there when they arrived, but a whole new colony of people (my guess would be Oceanside, or some escaped former Saviors) were waiting for them, armed with a crap ton of assault weapons. Rick and the team ventured out to look for Gabriel, and they found themselves in what looks like a salvage yard. It's a small victory in the first of the two camps Rick turns to, but nowhere near enough. A lot of people do not like Negan. But this new group are scavengers who are more adept at fighting than creating a community that resembles the communities of the old world. The Saviors are basically omnipresent when the narrative needs to them to be, and that's not an easy thing to face down.

Morgan and Ezekiel kept their deal with her not to tell the others she was alive and shacked up at a house just outside of town. Dwight and his lady are ready. The Survivors set out to look for him, Rick believing he was forced to go. In the initial part, it was like they had been asleep or just caught in stasis or anger or despondency. Back to the boat they go! And on a certain level, the episode does acknowledge this; as mentioned, when Ezekiel chooses not to send the Kingdom to war, there's no sense that he's supposed to be weak or compromised. A place where people don't live in fear, where they thrive in a harmonious environment. Remember, couples who take out walkers together, stay together. He must have realized the Saviors would come looking for Daryl, and that they might take more stuff with them - the Saviors actually turn up looking for their prisoner, and they come with trucks. See, Rick's focus that Negan and the Saviors are the one true enemy means anyone else is an ally in the war that's about to be waged. But the leaders of these towns still want to peace with Negan.

Then they fight their way through what's left of the herd to the SUV. In fact, I'm sure some in the community don't even know about Negan and the Saviors. After the shock of seeing the King's tiger wore off, Rick pleaded for his people to join up in their fight for freedom.

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It doesn't help that the show spent so much time building up Negan as a threat. They obviously can't return home unless they move the vehicles, so they start to work. Allthough it seems that Rick Grimes will decide to immediately eliminate the villain in the season finale, Negan might end up in Morgan's jail cell after all.

"How long you think that's gonna last?" asks a contemptuous Daryl.

'No, I'm just real sorry they're gone, ' he said.

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