Too much self-tanning lotion? Orange gator puzzles residents

Strange orange alligator turns heads in South Carolina

Trumpagator? Orange gator spotted in the Lowcountry catches national attention

HANAHAN, S.C. -The Palmetto State is home to many alligators, but only one has recently managed to turn heads and become an overnight viral sensation. Back then it was more likely to be dubbed a Boehner-gator.

The sighting of an orange alligator in a pond in Hanahan, South Carolina has been grabbing the attention of residents wondering whether that's a normal colour for a reptile.

Some Facebook users in the area made jokes about the critter, saying the gator's color change came from too much "self-tanning lotion", considering the area it was found in is called Tanner Plantation, CNET noted.

Media outlets such as Fox News and Daily Mail have since picked up the story.

As you can see, this gator isn't your typical reptile.

"Must be a Clemson fan".

"I have no doubt that animal is stained somehow, "Vliet said".

In 2011, news of an orange alligator photographed in Venice, Florida, prompted speculation about whether the beast's appearance represented a dramatic dye job or "evolution in action", biologist David Steen wrote in a blog post that year.

"Man, Clemson wins the National Championship and even the alligator is on the bandwagon!" "It may be using a rusty steel culvert pipe".

The alligator is estimated to be about five feet long.

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