Trump Twitter tantrum: Mark Cuban 'not smart enough to run for president!'

Cuban sent out a series of tweets of his own in response to the president on Sunday

Trump Twitter tantrum: Mark Cuban 'not smart enough to run for president!'

President Donald Trump launched a seemingly out-of-the-blue attack against Mark Cuban on Sunday, calling the billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner "not smart enough to run for president". But Cuban's not really sure why.

Cuban eventually came out in support of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Cuban and Trump have had a topsy-turvy relationship over the years and during the presidential campaign. When asked by a Twitter user, Cuban didn't have an answer.

Cuban recently commented in NY that he didn't think Trump "would last four years, but we'll see" and that public-corporation CEOs should be careful with talk about President Trump but "be an American citizen first", as reported by the Star-Telegram's Dwain Price.

Cuban has never been shy about sharing his opinion with the masses, and has become one of the most recognizable owners in pro sports as a result.

I don't know. But isn't it better for all of us that he is tweeting rather than trying to govern?

Allison Carter is Facebook editor at IndyStar. "I like to challenge you".

Cuban included his very public response to Trump saying he had potential, but warned, "You need to dig in and know your shit". "He appeals to a lot of people the same way Trump did". But you have to learn the details.

"It's a tough situation for CEOs", Cuban said to The Star-Telegram. So when you say there's a bubble, it sounds like you are winging it, which also makes it sound like your comments are based on who you talked to last. Be an American citizen first. Everyone else is afraid of you.

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