Camera captures moment car slams into Seattle gas station, igniting pump

Video Uber Driver Crashes Into Seattle Gas Station Causing Explosion

Car Crash In Seattle Sends One Vehicle Slamming Into Gas Pump

He hit another auto, seriously injuring the 35-year-old driver. The SUV managed to go another two blocks, seemingly at full speed, before crashing through a gas station parking lot, splitting a pair of gas pumps and then slamming into a third. The driver suffered serious injuries.

In a scene straight out of an action movie, a Seattle gas station's surveillance camera captured an Uber ride end in a fireball when it crashed into a gas pump.

Huge flames after a gas station crash on Holman Rd and 4th Ave NW in Seattle. Witnesses said the SUV kept heading eastbound, and it appears the driver tried to brake then lost control.

According to Seattle police, an SUV crashed into a auto on Holeman Road near Sixth Avenue.

Seattle's KOMO News reports that the driver, a 60-year-old, was behind the wheel of a 2007 Nissan X-Terra with an Uber passenger in the back seat shortly before 8 p.m. on Monday when something went wrong.

Video shows a gas pump burst into a ball of flames after being hit by an SUV in North Seattle. Police said the driver of the vehicle, a 35-year-old male, is in serious condition.

The rideshare driver was uninjured and his passenger was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The driver was, however, taken to the hospital and given a blood test, though the results haven't been released yet.

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