EMT Struck and Killed by Stolen Ambulance in the Bronx


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(Video below shows Gonzalez standing on the bumper.) They stopped the ambulance near Watson and White Plains Road, got out and confronted Gonzalez, who then went around the ambulance and got into the driver's seat. As he was escorted by police from the 43rd Precinct early Friday morning, Gonzalez muttered to himself with EMTs silently watching him being put into a waiting police cruiser. Arroyo died at Jacobi Medical Center. He is expected in court later Friday. The family is "going through unspeakable grief", he said.

Yadira Arroyo, 44, was a mother of five and had been with the New York City Fire Department for 14 years, according to CBS New York.

The EMTs tried to stop him, grabbing at the sides of the ambulance, but he threw the vehicle into reverse, fatally striking Arroyo and injuring Williams. While they were attending to the matter, Gonzalez, allegedly under the influence of drugs, climbed into their ambulance with intent to steal it.

An emergency medical technician in New York City was killed Thursday when she was struck and dragged by a stolen ambulance, police said.

Jose Gonzalez - whose rap sheet included 31 arrests - remained lock up Saturday on murder charges.

The grieving family of Yadira Arroyo will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from local organizations following the news of her brutal death Thursday.

Police say he slammed into some parked cars before hitting a snowbank.

Anis Nagi told the New York Daily News he was the one who flagged down the ambulance to let them know someone had jumped onto the back of the rig.

A member of the transport police subdued the 25-year-old suspect helped by a member of the public.

The video captured both the arrest of the driver, and a scene of anguish as the uninjured EMT kneeled, sobbing, over the body of her fallen partner.

Arroyo had left the door open when she got out of the vehicle, according to the News.

It wasn't immediately clear if Gonzalez had retained an attorney who could comment on the allegations.

Horrific video of the incident shows the ambulance came to a stop after crashing into a parked auto.

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