Facebook's clone of Snapchat is in Messenger now, too

Facebook's clone of Snapchat is in Messenger now, too

Facebook's clone of Snapchat is in Messenger now, too

Messenger Day lets you chronicle your day in order from start to finish, creating a timeline of photos and videos augmented with plenty of filters and stickers along the way. The feature essentially works like Snapchat Stories and lets you share images that disappear within 24 hours.

The feature allows you to add pictures to your "Day", where your friends can view what you've been up to in the past 24 hours.

Earlier this month, Instagram announced it will make available immersive, full-screen ads in its Stories feature for all businesses globally.

"Since everything you add disappears after 24 hours, feel free to add as often as you want".

Facebook-owned Instagram has not-so-subtly followed in Snapchat's path for many of its recent feature additions, and now Facebook's own Messenger app is doing the same. "Just as News Feed eventually became a standard industry format to display updates from multiple people or sources, stories-style formats that allow people to post a collection of snapshots of their day in an ephemeral way are now a prominent way that people want to share". Snapchat is already listed on the stock exchange, with a spectacular first day and an expected reduction shortly thereafter, with a war open to Facebook, which insists on copying all its functions to occupy its space of action, and with tools that will gradually be integrated into Various chat platforms, surely including the omnipresent Whatsapp, also Facebook. Facebook is testing Stories in its core app, too. Just make sure you've updated the app recently from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Then, open the Messenger app and select the camera icon with the sun next to it.

You can access the feature by tapping the "Add to your day" button at the top of your Messenger app. There will be some "Add to your Day" text under a photo or video.

Add any art effects you like through the smiley face icon in the top right. After you send a photo or video, the option to Add to your day pops up and once you confirm that, it will be added automatically.

Here's how to find Messenger Day, how to watch your friends posts, use its filters and see if it's right for you. This time around brings us stories.er, I mean Messenger Days, which are "temporary" photos or videos that your friends can see and reply to.

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