Farewell thimble, boot and barrow. Monopoly unveils its new playing pieces

Alamy Stock  	 C'mon Boardwalk

Alamy Stock C'mon Boardwalk

The new pieces were decided in Monopoly's "Token Madness" voting contest back in January, where fans cast 4.3 million votes out of 64 options.

The new tokens will be in the new version of MONOPOLY arriving this fall. So, fans of the thimble, boot and wheelbarrow, grab a box while you can.

Here they are, your new Monopoly tokens. Hasbro has now announced the full line-up of tokens that will be launching later this year, and two other classic tokens are leaving alongside the thimble.

"The original tokens represented familiar items from 1930s America", Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming, writes in an email.

You've got your pieces on the Monopoly board, at last.

Monopoly, the 80-year-old American board game from Hasbro, is overhauling its iconic player pieces. The classic hat and vehicle came next, with the ducky, cat, penguin and battleship rounding out the top list.

Fans of the current Scottish terrier, battleship, race auto, top hat and cat pieces can rest easy.

There are about 300 editions of Monopoly to date, the weirdest of which include the horse lover's edition, One Direction Monopoly, Sun-Maid Raisins collector's edition and a solid gold and jewel-encrusted game set.

Bye, bye Wheelbarrow: The wheelbarrow token, a staple in the game since the 1950s, will wheel no more. The cat, which replaced the iron in 2013, is still kicking.

The new lineup was unveiled just ahead of World Monopoly Day, which is officially recognized on March 19.

The vote order for these final, top eight were: Scottie 212,476, T-Rex 207,954, top hat 167,582, vehicle 165,083, duck 160,485, cat 154,165, penguin 146,661 and battleship 134,704.

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