Google acquires world's largest data scientist community Kaggle

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Google acquires world's largest data scientist community Kaggle

Machine learning is the next big thing, says Google with its acquisition of AI site Kaggle. The API uses deep learning models based on the TensorFlow and similar frameworks, and applied on large scale video platforms such as YouTube.

Byron Connolly travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Google.

The 33-year old Melbourne University-educated economist turned tech entrepreneur said joining Google combined the world's largest data science community with the world's most powerful machine learning cloud.

The new specialization will primarily tap on app development, machine learning, infrastructure, and data analytics. The new region now lets customers such as large corporations move large amounts of information to online storage without having to leave Canadian borders like in the past with Google Cloud. Basically, the companies Google needs to woo are all already engaged in longstanding partnerships with another cloud provider.

Google also made a series of announcements Tuesday expanding its cloud partner program.

Not only will SAP's products now run on the Google Cloud Platform, but the company will also take advantage of the Google Cloud Launcher Marketplace for enterprise products and services, will start retailing its applications on Google's platform. Now a private beta, the API uses deep learning models to provide information about content, enabling, for example, searches for content about baseball or dogs. The API can identify objects within a video, and can enable users to search for entities throughout their video library.

Before Google's new API, computers weren't really able to recognize and understand the context of a video independently, or without the help of manual tagging. This new Video Intelligence API is just another fine example of that.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but nothing screams "enterprise" like SAP software, so it was an important endorsement for Google's cloud efforts.

Shot change detection: Detect scene changes within the video.

Rackspace has become the first managed services support partner for Google's cloud service offerings.

What's even more interesting is that SAP, as it has worked to move HANA to the public cloud, has mentioned that machine learning and artificial intelligence will be some of its core focuses in that process.

Experts said that Google seems to be taking the enterprise more seriously, as it makes its innovations more accessible through Google Cloud.

"Now, with an eye to the future, we are looking at the Google Cloud Platform". "This is an incredibly serious mission". Please don't attempt to duplicate this.

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