Google working on budget smartphone but it won't be a Pixel

Google working on budget smartphone but it won't be a Pixel

Google working on budget smartphone but it won't be a Pixel

This will inevitably lead to the Google Pixel 2, a smartphone that will be 2017's flagship from the tech giant while continuing to make its mark on the premium, high end, or flagship category. Rick Osterloh, the head of the hardware department, recently spoke to the Android Pit, confirming that Google Pixel 2 will be happening this year.

USA carrier Vodafone has already mentioned that Google Nexus 6P smartphones under them will receive the latest update this Tuesday. Apple's expected to increase the cost of the iPhone 8 possibly to the tune of $1,000. Now there are a large number of Android devices scheduled to receive the Google Assistant, so the update may take quite a while to get to your phone, whether or not it is a OnePlus 3.

It combines hardware and software made by Google, including all the users' favorite Google apps.

"There's an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it", said Osterloh.

What's more, the device is being worked on by the same team that is behind the main Google Pixel 2, meaning the two handsets could share a number of similar features or design.

Extended periods of handset shortages have become the norm for the Pixel's so far, and Google should concentrate on this if its next device is to compete with 2017's flagship smartphones.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, visited India previous year and announced the company's plans to bring their smartphone prices as low as $30 (approximately Rs 2,000).

There is no news yet if the Pixel 2 will also have its own innovative android version and built in Google assistant like its predecessor. So if Google is making its mark, it's still a small one relative to the Samsung empire, which also runs on Google's Android operating system. I think the Google Pixel will be much easier to hold as compare to the Pixel XL. It is also not surprising that Google is releasing this monthly security patches as it is always been doing for nearly a year now. The Google Pixel has been one of the most appraised phones of 2016, with special mentions to its camera performance. Now, there is another rumour going on about that this new "budget" smartphone in question will not carry the Pixel branding.

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