Hello Games Continues Improvement Drive, Announces New "Path Finder" DLC

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Hello Games Continues Improvement Drive, Announces New "Path Finder" DLC

Fans of "No Man's Sky" should brace themselves as Hello Games announced that an update will later be rolling this week.

As Hello Games promises Path Finder Update for home planet exploration on "No Man's Sky", the studio is now working on what will be the second update for the game. "We hope you'll join us", Hello Games said.

Since the backlash that ensued in the wake of its launch, No Man's Sky developer Hello Games has been mostly silent outside of when it has news to share regarding an update.

We'll be sure to update this story once the update drops, detailing all the new features coming to the stylish survival game.

The new dune buggy vehicle will only be usable on the player's home planet and will not be usable to explore the terrain of other planets that have been discovered. The latest update "build [s] on the Foundation Update to hint at a [path] ahead for the future", says Hello Games.

When No Man's Sky was launched, the game generated a lot of controversy because of the alleged false advertising that the developer used to promote the game.

In the Foundation Update, base building was added along with two new game modes. So, for further give satisfaction to its players, Hello Games have been listening to the community feedback. As such, the developer is planning to release its Path Finder update later this week.

Hello Games has always been wanted to allure back all the discredit players of "No Man's Sky". The update also introduced freighters that players could purchase. It shows the path forward.

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